Advanced Personal Care

  • Changing bags, and soap and water hygiene around an ostomy site (including tracheostomies, gastrostomies, colostomies; all with well-healed stoma
  • Changing bags, and soap and water hygiene around the site of external, indwelling, and suprapubic catheters
  • Removal of external catheters, inspect skin, and reapply catheter
  • Administration of prescribed bowel programs, including use of suppositories and sphincter stimulation per protocol and enemas (prepackaged only) with clients, without contraindicating rectal or intestinal conditions
  • Application of medicated (prescription) lotions, ointments, or dry, aseptic dressings to unbroken skin including stage I decubitus
  • Application of aseptic dressings to superficial skin breaks or abrasions as directed by a licensed nurse
  • Manual assistance with non-injectable medications as set up by a licensed nurse, which includes prompting participant and opening mediplanner and/or steadying participant’s hand/arm to get medication to mouth
  • Passive range of motion (non-resistive flexion of joint within normal range) delivered in accordance with the care plan
  • Use of assistive device for transfers

Elderly man with caregiver